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Parents' Love

This weekend was amazing! Dinner with some of my Line Sisters on Saturday, church on Sunday morning and then the Bridal Shower for my little sister who is about to be Mindy Mayes😜 (Those who know, know). By Sunday evening that pain started. I did my usual regimen that I've gotten accustomed to. But, by Monday that pain was more than I could bear (and more than BC powder or Aleve could handle) and we ended up going to the emergency room. I think Daddy and Mama got a little concerned because the pain had me crying, and they know I don't cry easily (even with all I've been through).

I said all of that to give you the backstory. When the imaging tech was wheeling me to go get x-rays, we kept laughing at little things she was saying. Finally she said, "At least you have a good sense of humor about what's happening. That tells me that even though you've had adversity, it didn't make you bitter towards life." And I replied something like, "No reason to be bitter. God is still good, even through all of this." And she said, "Amen."

Thank God I was released laaaaattteee Monday night/almost Tuesday morning (poor Zuri). On the way home I kept apologizing to my parents. And Daddy said something that made me tear up when he said, "No need to apologize for taking care of you. You do so much to take care of other people." It just means a lot when you don't do anything for recognition, but to know it's appreciated and returned to you in some way.

Anyway, yesterday morning Daddy kept checking if the prescriptions were ready yet. By 11 am, he reminded me of the scene in "Terms of Endearment" when the mother was yelling at the nurses to give her daughter the medicine. He was ready to go to the pharmacy and get in their faces because his daughter was still in pain. And that right there just amazes me. I'm on the path to 50 and my parents still show their parenting roles when it comes to their children. Once I ended up with the prescriptions, those bad boys kept me sleeping all day. I was complaining to Mama that I lost an entire day of work and taking care of business and she said, "All it means is that your body needed to rest." And as long as I was on the couch she stayed right there next to me. I kept trying to send her to bed, but she kept checking on me. Parents, I tell you! 😜 I'm truly blessed.

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